Our Story

I am excited to introduce this type of specialty store to Chesapeake, Virginia. Our store will be offering the freshest extra virgin olive oils, aged balsamic vinegars, pastas, tapenades, sea salts, and a variety of other products. The concept of the store is to experience by tasting all of the olive oil and vinegars we have to offer. If you fall in love with an olive oil or balsamic vinegar, we will bottle it up so you can take home and enjoy.

Our story is no different than any enthusiastic entrepreneur. After my husband, Rob, retired serving proudly in the Navy for thirty years, we decided to follow a dream of owning our own business. Although he continues to work for the Department of Defense as a civilian, he is still a major player in our business. I on the other hand decided to retire as a Dental Hygienist to put all of my energy into our business.

Olive oil has been part of our daily diet for many years. The dream of becoming part of the olive oil business came to me when Rob and I visited Florence, Italy in 2011. We partook in a class on making fresh pasta. After we made our pasta, it was cooked for us and olive oil was drizzled over our pasta. When we tasted the olive oil we were surprised how different it tasted compared to what we were use to consuming in the United States. I was hooked; I wanted to find the same olive oil in the United States. I searched but nothing came close to the experience we had in Italy. Until one day, we went to the Norfolk Greek festival. Two young men were selling their olive oil from their groves in Greece. We fell in love with the olive oil they were selling. At that point, I wanted to give up my job and sell olive oil. A week later, I happened upon a store similar to what I am opening. I came home and told Rob that I wanted to open an olive oil and vinegar store. Rob was not sold on the idea. I took him to a different store with the same concept and here we are, opening our own olive oil and vinegar store.

We have lived in Chesapeake for a total of twenty years. It only made sense to open the business in Chesapeake. We are excited to bring the experience of our wonderful olive oil and vinegars to Chesapeake. I hope to be a successful business in our beautiful town.

~Maggie Birmingham